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Performance wins with Astro

Does your site really need all that JS?

by Tony Sullivan • 1 min read

Every frontend framework has its benefits, but it can be easy to forget how nice it is to stick with plain old JavaScript. Astro already supports many of the most popular frameworks and is the list is growing fast, but when is it worth skipping the frameworks?

tl;dr; The Navillus site got even more performant after replacing the Svelte components with basic JS implementations instead. Check out the performance comparison or jump right into the changes on Github.

Why replace the Svelte components?

I probably pay a little too much attention to my browser’s devtools! This was more of an experiment than anything else, Svelte components compile to very optimized JavaScript and can really save your butt when it comes to avoiding synchronization bugs in complex components.

This site only had two interactive components though, the mobile menu and the dark/light theme selector.